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Instagr▓amPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatFire at U.S. d▓ay care center kills five childrenFir▓e at U.S. day care center kills five childrenFir

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. 11 -- A fire ▓at a day care center in the U.S. state of Pen▓nsylvania killed a▓t least five children on Sunday, according to local authorities.The fire was

reported early Sunday▓ at a day care center in Erie, a lakeside town in northern Pennsylvani▓a. According to Erie fire chief Guy Santone,▓ multiple people were trappe

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d inside the three-▓storey single family house, which abruptly caught fire, a witness said.San▓tone said the victims ranged from eight months to seven years i

n age.The owner of the day care center, an adult female, was flown to a nearby hospital for treatment.The day care center w▓as certified by local autho

e▓sponse to Washington&rsqu▓o;s threat to impo

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